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Summertime and the Living’s Easy: The 1 Big Reason to Get Screenplay Coverage This Summer


With the official first day of summer just a week away, I thought it would be a good time to recommend getting professional coverage for your screenplay from a service like Monument Script Services. Having a professional reader evaluate your screenplay is always a good idea. In fact, most professional writers that I know won’t send a script to a producer without first having it read. The coverage that readers provide is an invaluable tool in helping any writer, no matter how seasoned or experienced, the opportunity to fine tune their work by having it evaluated by someone who knows what to look for and who knows how to fix whatever might be wrong.

With that said, there is one big reason why summertime is the best time of year to have your script evaluated.

Everyone else is on vacation.

The summer is a rotten time to submit your script to studios and agencies because so many people are on vacation. That means the best thing to do is to have your screenplay evaluated early in the summer by a professional reader and then spend the rest of the summer improving it based on the reader’s coverage. That way you’ll be ready to submit a better script after Labor Day when most everyone is back at work and ready to look at new material. Anything submitted now is likely to sit for an extended time on a shelf, not getting any better. That goes for writers as well. Not a lot of people submit scripts this time of year, so readers will be able to focus a lot of energy and attention on your script.

If you have a script that you think is ready to submit, a professional reader is bound to find something that can be fixed. Since most readers (like me) have spent time reading for studios and/or production companies, we know what to flag for you to fix in order to avoid getting the dreaded PASS on your studio coverage. Getting polished professional notes from a professional reader now will allow you to set yourself up with the reasonable goal of having your script polished by the end of the summer so that it can be on top of the studio’s or agency’s pile come autumn.

Monument Script Services wants to help you get a jump on the competition. Submit your script between now and the summer solstice (June 20), and we will give you 10% off of any first-time script coverage service. Click the link to see the various services we offer.



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