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First Draft is Done! Now What?

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I took my own advice and I got back to work. My perseverance was rewarded by the completion of the the first draft of my latest writing effort this past Friday. I’m actually very pleased with the draft, and personally feel that it’s the strongest first draft that I’ve ever written. I feel like a nailed all of the plot points and that I have a well-developed Hero’s Journey, which means that I have a well-structured storyline. I feel that the premise is unique and fresh, but will attract an audience. I have characters with depth that are engaging and with whom the audience can relate. I also have written some good dialogue that is witty, has subtext and sounds like real people speak.

But you know what? NoneĀ  of that means a damn thing!

Just because I’m happy with it doesn’t mean that it’s good. So I’m having a professional reader read it. That’s right. I read scripts for a living, but I’m having someone else read my script because I need professional feedback that is unbiased and credible. I need someone with a pair of fresh eyes to read my script and find everything that is wrong with it that I didn’t see because I’m standing too close to it and haven’t had an opportunity to step back. I had to admit that I might not be the best person to critique my own work, especially at this early stage.

My hope is that the reader will get back to me with notes that contradict my own feelings of the script. Yes, I hope he likes it, but I really need him to come back with areas that need improvement. I know they’re there. I just don’t know where.

That’s what Monument Script Services can do for you and your screenplay. We can provide that unbiased and credible critique of your script in order for you to make it better. We have years of experience reading for studios, so we critique screenplays with an eye towards what studio readers look for and can help you avoid the pitfalls that will get the dreaded PASS on your coverage.

Check out the link below to see how we can help you take your script to the next level.


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