Brian was extremely transparent to work with. He was very clear about the service he offered and turned around the job within 72 hours. Brian really cares about the coverage he provides, and gives detailed analysis of script and story. I used ALL of Brian’s suggestions and my script is much better for it. Brian also has clear ideas about a project’s commercial potential and which audiences will be attracted to it. I would recommend Brian to anyone wishing to advance their ideas in a professional manner! Richard Donald

I am an award winning screenwriter and have received coverage from many readers and producers. Brian is by far the most accurate and detailed. He gave me page after page of invaluable notes that will help my next rewrite. His turn around time was less than 72 hours and not only did he give me coverage, he wrote a full synopsis and logline. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone looking to take their writing to the next level. Eric Reynolds

Brian provided me with exceptional script coverage in a timely manner at an reasonable price. What more can you ask for? David Bougnon

Brian screenplay coverage was detailed and extremely informative. My manager and I were both impressed with his analysis and quick turn-around time. I took his suggestions to heart and expect to be able to thank him at the Oscars!  Emily Gallo

My partner and I used Brian for coverage on our new script and he gave great insight on a few issues we were dealing with. I will use Brian’s services on the next script. Dan Backmon

When I hired Brian for his coverage service I was pleasantly surprised by his knowledge and expertise with screenplays. Brian is very talented and detailed with his analysis and he offered valuable solutions in a straightforward manner. He exceeded all my expectations on the services he provided. He is a trustworthy professional and I will be using his services again. Karen Kostlivy

I am most impressed with Brian’s work. His coverage is both creative and insightful as well as technical and specific. I highly recommend him! Brian’s expertise will now become an important part of my arsenal. Mark Cohen

Brian Smith’s script coverage service is concise, thorough and provides thoughtful advice and practical direction in order to get the script ready for submission to agents, studios or production companies. Brian’s experience shows in his clear explanations of the pros and cons of my script. I can’t usually afford to pay what other consultants charge, but Brian’s cost beats all of them and he still provides much more insightful analysis than any other consultant I’ve used — not to mention, his three day turn-around is second to none. I will be contacting Brian again with my rewrite on my present script and every script I write from this point on. Thanks, Brian. You were a real find! Peter Smith

Brian wrote coverage and detailed notes for my screenplay Claws which provided valuable insight and suggestions for my rewrite. I would certainly recommend his services to screenwriters who want the lowdown on their work. Brian’s analysis was direct and concise. He delivered his notes within three days, at a very reasonable rate. Sean Ellis

Brian read and commented on my feature script in a really professional, prompt and thorough way. His comments insightful and very useful. I know they are going to improve my script. I’ll definitely be using his services againSue Williams

Over the three years that our indie thriller Father’s Day (fathersday-themovie.com) has been in development, we have had four different screenplay readers provide coverage. Brian’s coverage was the most helpful, most professional, and most detailed. We will use his service again and recommend him to anyone who wants quality coverage.  James Russell

Brian’s script review service is outstanding with its fast turnaround time and superior quality feedback. Highly recommended for the budding scriptwriter.  Barbara Gilmore