Monument Script Services helps writers create stories that are well crafted and entertaining, thus giving them the best chance for success. Writing a good screenplay is a terrifically challenging endeavor, and it’s unreasonable to expect one person to do it on his or her own. Whether you’re a new writer struggling with a first draft, or an experienced writer who needs another set of eyes to evaluate your work, Monument Script Services can help.

Monument Scripts provides coverage for screenplays, treatments, outlines, and books intended for screen adaptation. We also help with research, first drafts, and rewrites.

I am an award-winning screenwriter and have received coverage from many readers and producers. Brian is by far the most accurate and detailed. He gave me page after page of invaluable notes that will help my next rewrite. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone looking to take their writing to the next level. Eric Reynolds

Coverage Overview

Coverage for screenplays and books includes a Grade Page, which contains:

  • Logline
  • Brief summary
  • Ratings on Premise, Storyline, Character, and Dialogue (from poor to excellent)
  • Recommendations for writer and project (recommend, consider, pass)

In addition, depending on the level of coverage you select, coverage may include a synopsis:

  • Detailed notes on the premise, storyline, characters, dialogue, and structure of the script
  • Recommendations for improvement

Submit content in .pdf format unless prior arrangements are made.

Follow up Web conferences are available for $30/half hour with a 30-minute minimum.

For details on coverage packages, writing and research services, as well as fees, click the appropriate heading on the side menu.

Brian was extremely transparent to work with. He was very clear about the service he offered and turned around the job within 72 hours. Brian really cares about the coverage he provides, and gives detailed analysis of script and story. I used ALL of Brian’s suggestions and my script is much better for it. Brian also has clear ideas about a project’s commercial potential and which audiences will be attracted to it. I would recommend Brian to anyone wishing to advance their ideas in a professional manner! Richard Donald