Book Coverage Packages

Writing a book is a completely different discipline than writing a screenplay. The structure of the story is different, the writing style is different, and development of the characters is different. Also, entire sections of books usually need to be omitted in order to fit the story from a book into the restrictive structure and time requirements of screenplays. As a reader for studios, I am quite often assigned to read books in order to determine their adaptability into films.

If you have a novel that you think would make a great screenplay, I can read it and give you a professional evaluation on its adaptability into screenplay format. If you select Expanded Book Analysis, I can also provide ideas on which direction the adaptation should go.

Also, if you’re a producer trying to determine if you want to pursue acquiring the rights to a certain book, I can provide you with a professional evaluation as to the book’s adaptability.

For an overview of what’s included in coverage packages, see the Services page.

Basic Studio Book Coverage

  • Grade Page
  • 3 page synopsis of the story
  • 1 page of notes explaining the grades
  • Potential for screenplay adaptation

$300 for books up to 200 pages; $2 for each additional page.

Book coverage is delivered in 4 days. Please add $75 for 72 hour rush and $100 for 48 hour rush.

Expanded Book Analysis

  • Grade Page
  • 3 page synopsis of the script
  • 5-10 pages of detailed notes on the premise, storyline, characters, and dialogue, as well as the overall adaptability to screenplay format
  • Recommendations for adaptation

$500 for books up to 200 pages; $2 for each additional page.

Allow at least 1 week for delivery of analysis.

I am most impressed with Brian’s work. His coverage is both creative and insightful as well as technical and specific. I highly recommend him! Brian’s expertise will now become an important part of my arsenal. Mark Cohen