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My Top-7 Film Noir

I originally wrote this blog for Night Owl TV as a part of their Classic Film Zone. I’m reprinting it here with their permission. For more from Night Owl TV click here. Film Noir is one of the most misunderstood genres of cinema.  It’s so misunderstood that its referred to as a genre, when it …

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Logan Addendum

I was thinking more about Logan over the weekend and chatting with my teenage daughter about it after she saw it, and something occurred to me that I hadn’t thought of before. I posted here about how much I liked the film, and my overall opinion of it hasn’t changed, but I did come to realize …

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Logan: The X-Men Go Dark

I saw Logan over the weekend and I was thoroughly impressed. I should start of by saying that I am not a huge fan of the X-Men movies. I loved the animated series in the 90’s and I was also a fan of the comic books, but I found the films to be overly polished and generic. The …

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PIXAR Movies from Best to Worst

With Finding Dory set to be the latest PIXAR Animation Studios latest release next week, now seems like a good time to reflect on their past films and rank them from best to worst. Over the past two decades PIXAR Animation Studios has become the number one producer of animated films. They’ve dominated the Oscars …

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